The black rose is an old, now rarely used symbol of the Anarchist Movement which advocates active cooperation between individuals and groups for the betterment of their social structure and every individual within the society.

In that spirit, The Black Rose Cooperative brings together independent Brands, Clothing Designers, Artists, Musicians, and local business in a family co-op to bring you an eclectic collection of the most original and best quality Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories, Music, Artwork, and more!

Located in Temple Mall and partnered with Under My Skin Body Piercing & Merch, a long-standing, Temple based business, we offer some of the best Clothing and Accessories, Music, and Art which reflect the creativity, diversity, and talent from independent Artists and Designers, and Musicians from all over the United States!

Una Validiores Sumus : Radix Malorum Est Cupiditas
Together We Are Stronger : Greed Is The Root Of All Evil

Designers and Artists

Heidi Allen

Heidi Allen is a multi-media artist, photographer, clothing and jewelry designer, and singer/songwriter/composer. Heidi's unique and brilliant spirit, as well as her unusually vibrant imagination, shows through in all of her creations. We feature a collection of Heidi's jewelry and occasionally some of her art and clothing designs.

Hound and Hares Crafts and Costuming

Hound and Hares Crafts and Costuming, Based in the Belton/Temple, TX region, specializes in making quality, handmade crafts and costumes.

Hound and Hares offers a wide range of quality, custom crafted bags using licensed material in themes inspired by Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and more!

Junker (est. 2001)

Junker (est. 2001) started with stuff I dived outta dumpsters, everything is made with grubby little paws.I have mutated, overdyed, rusted, painted, buried or bled on every piece. The clothes are all one of a kind, made from denim, leather, whatever I can find. -Tod Junker

Raised in Houston, Texas on a steady diet of Ultraman, horror movies, war films, and Star Wars, Tod spent a lot of time getting in trouble in school for wearing biker boots and painting on his clothes. As a teenager he started sewing more and put legs of jeans on jackets for arms, drew, hand painted , silk screened, and dyed all his own clothes. He continued to mutilate clothes when he moved to LA in 2000 and started to experiment with aging processes, and pattern-making. Tod made a vest at a friend's house. Lenny Kravitz saw it, bought it, and that's how it all started! Since then Tod has outfitted Rocksatrs like Vince Neil, Slash, Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, and many others!

Junker Designs is currently based out of the Temple/Belton, TX area and still Mutilating the fashion industry! We are proud to carry Junker's awesome collection of hats, t-shirts, & accessories.

Mother of Mystical Things

Artist/designer, Melissa Mager is a military mom who starting creating custom military jewelry and accessories as therapy for her empty nest syndrome. After a short time Melissa began to branch out in other directions, allowing her creativity to flow with her other interests.
Melissa creates amazingly gorgeous, iridescent, hand painted glass dragon eye jewelry, handcrafted pendants, bracelets, pop-sockets, body jewelry, and more! She also hand molds custom dragon eggs from clay, fires and hand paints them in a stunning array of iridescent colors that have to be seen to believe!

Pallbearer Press

An extensive collection of original art print tees inspired by the Vintage Horror film genre from an independent artist in Buda, TX. You will find dozens of different designs inspired by classic horror films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, A Clockwork Orange, Friday the 13th, Frankenstein, Dracula, Nosferatu, and many more!

Tara Braddock

Tara Braddock is an independent clothing designer from Austin, TX specializing in Vintage Pin-up and Rockabilly styles. Each piece is unique and hand crafted by Tara herself.
The Tara Braddock collection includes Vintage inspired "Cupcake Aprons" as well as classic button-up bowling style shirts all in fun, quirky patterns. Tara also offers custom order designs! So if you have and idea for a design or some material you would like used for a shirt, apron, or dress we can accommodate!

Three Wines Wands

Three Wines Wands

Three Wines Wands offers custom, hand crafted, one of a kind wands by Temple/Belton, TX artist Jacob Trevino. Jacob chooses specific woods and finishes for each wand and hand carves them in unique designs. Jacob's wands are high quality and beautiful!

Witchy Nomad

Witchy Nomad is hand crafted jewelry by Jasmine Jew. A jewelry line dedicated to her cosmically traveling soul, this jewelry is built to transcend space, time and seasonal fashions. All jewelry is made in her home studio in Austin, Tx and is overseen by her feline familiar and assistant, Beasty. Keep an eye for new items to be added every New and Full Moon.

Jasmine is an artist, crafter, and musician in Austin, Tx.

Jasime's artwork and jewelry can be found at:

John Mendez

John Mendez is a mind-blowing talent and extremely prolific artist in multiple mediums and styles.
John is an artist and musician based in Austin, TX.
John's artwork can found at:

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Una Validiores Sumus : Radix malorum est cupiditas

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